Saturday, January 30, 2010

searching for peace!!

so, i've been thinking a lot lately, i need to do something to fill in my free time coz my class is only on wednesday... well last time i have basketball to release my stress but i dont have that anymore.. it's different now.. so, i've been going to my mum's friend editting studio to learn things so i can use it in the future.. what i am trying to say here, is that im so effing bored and dunno what to do with my life.. i think i have commitment problems... i need to fix that!! pfft..

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love In Asia

I was watching this show on KBS ‘Love in Asia’ unfolds the stories about interracial families and their love which transcends borders.

There are over one million foreigners living in Korea. The program tells us the stories about workers from foreign countries, who came to Korea in search of Korean Dream. Love in Asia links between people and countries. It connects Korea and the rest of Asia.

Today was my second time watching that show and I was so impressed by the concept of this show. I must say, I was touched by their initiative and I hope they manage to reach to other people.

I spend most of my free time watching tv, so I'm starting to realized that most of Asian tv shows (I usually watch Korean's) are better than tv shows from the U.S

So, as a Malaysian and Mass Communication student, I really hope our country will take examples from other Asian countries in producing quality tv shows that will educate our citizens in all sorts of things and reach them by heart.

One fine day, I hope i got the chance to produce a show that can make people around the world unite. A girl can dream, right?