Sunday, May 10, 2009

i miss my camera weyh!!!!

urghhh... life without my phone n my camera is so freaking depressing.. huhuhu.. i cursed who ever took it.. damn you moron.. now my life isnt complete n the holidays would be so boring without my gadgets.. i guess i have to start saving up my money to buy all that stuff again.. i feel like crying now.. when ever i think about the culprit.. i think about it at home.. in my sleep but all i wanna do is to forget that 2 suweyyy weeks... hm i dont understand why people have to take other people's stuff.. bangang weyh.. hm what to do.. some people are like that.. BAD ASS!! haiyaa.. for some people, they can just get what they want.. hm but not me.. i wish i can tell that culprit how hard n how long i've waited for my own waterproof camera n infact, i saved up all my money last raya n bought that orange phone.. im suppose to shop for other stuff this holiday.. not to shop for things that i already have but lost it.. too bad for me i guess.. halah2 dah la.. i guess i should've just forget about it.. its not like i cant buy new ones.. its just that i have to wait a little longer to buy all those stuff again. hm waiting is a torture to me... yikes!

mission for now:

olympus waterproof camera

sony ericsson phone

and1 basketball shoes