Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my lil bro is now a teenager!! NOooooo!!!

so i saw my lil bro's pic in his page n i was stunned for a bit.. i've just realized that he has grew up so much n now he's a teenager.. (ouh yea... this is a big deal for me coz i dont live with my lil bro, so i dont get to see him much n that sucks) ouh basically when i was in boarding school obviously he's at home and most of the holidays, i have basketball practice and tournament!! then when i finished high school, our parents has already separated and i lived with my mum n he lived with my dad.. n even now i rarely get to see him.. coz he's staying at my eldest sister's place.. so yeah... now he's a teenager, i'm a little worried of what type of boy he'll become.. i mean our age gap is 7 years so he dont get the chance to be in school with any of us like me n my other sibs coz we are the youngest in the family.. well school is a scary place where people adapt to the culture with peer.. n it is a time where people experience new things and all, right?? and teenagers love to try new crazy things.. hm well im still a teenager that soon will be young adult, so i know!! so, i hope he'll turn out to be a okay.. n i think i can never stop worrying about him

p/s does everybody feels the same way?? n does my older sibs feels the same way about me?? hm i wonder..

sibs is short for siblings