Saturday, November 29, 2008


my uni friends ckp, "bile cuti je ara hilang".... my school friends ckp " ara ni asyik busy je memanjang"....... my family plak ckp "ara ni tak bley dok diam".... adek i plak suro i dissapear je lg bgs.. xfair langsung.. tp nak buat mcm mane.. i tak bley nak change ape2.. ckp sorry pon tak nak terima.. haishhhh sedey nye..

it ryhmes kan?? hehehe

Monday, November 17, 2008

Exam is finally OVER!!!

yeahooo!!! this is how we express our feelings!!
but we forgot to take pictures of our chicken dance.. hehs
lets dance everybody!!!!


shhhhh... lets snap some pics without anbeen!!

heyya.. dont mess with us!!

haalahmakaisshhh.. garang nye

uisshh.. im scared la hani.. huhu!!!

anbeen make us snap pics wif her.. if not, we're done!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

gazebo and us the crazy people!!

went for dinner wif my crazy freaking peepz at a place called gazebo.. we were like so loud there and other people was like staring at us.. hm mmg la if bwk syasya the attention from boys lagi la.. hak adoish.. her hair was like jepon sesat mane la hang out with us kan.. then after we had finished eating dinner there was this waiter came to us and passed a tissue paper to syasya.. and we were like whoa!! hahah ok syasya.. that dude mmg scary.. n we were laughing our heads off.. halah2.. and then my camera battery low plak.. and i forgot to bring my extra battery.. hm ape la i neh.. forgetful.. mmg la mase tuh tgh lapa plak.. mane tak lupe.. heheh.. hm i love u guys weyh!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

penolong + pengacau tetap saye!!

hehehe.. every morning when i wake up to study.. ain nyet nyet will be there to accompany me..

ain: ara buatpe? (amek hilighter) ni ape ni? untuk lukis2 ke?
ara: untuk blaja la. jgn main. ain tlg amek kan ara air pliz.. (^_^)
ain: ok. ara nak air ape? air kosong ke? ke nak suro bibik buat air?
ara: plain water je. ain je pegi amek.
ain: ara, nah.
ara: tq ain
ain: ara jom tangkap gambar la. ain boring.

adoish.. budak kecik neh.. kesian dier, boring sbb citra pegi skolah.. hm tu la.. org nak hantar dier g skolah.. tannak.. sampai2 nangis2 tannak lepas org dlm kete. hehehe..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

scuba diving lesson and crabby yummy!!

heyya.. sumpah penat gile.. lesson in the morning then went to dp n also mp to get some things.. petang went swimming wif eman.. ouhh.. n then we had seafood for dinner n masyaallah.. sumpah byk gile crab i ate.. its like a mountain of crab on my plate.. hm and da sad part is, i havent read a single thing of my psychology book which the exam is on wednesday.. wahh.. mmg kantoi la my result dis sem.. i have to say goodbye to dean's list i yg tak seberapa tuh.. hm tak mati la kalau tak dapat DL pon, kan ara?? hahaha.. i like to say things like that to myself.. funny hehs? hm there's not much input in my brain dis semester.. i wonder why.. halah2.. may god be with me! not during the exam, but before the exam so i can study for the last two, killer subjects.. by next sunday i'll be free to go anywhere.. heheh.. eleh macam la skrg ni i tak berfoya-foya pegi sane sini.. hm sape suro dis sem bz gile.. kan i dah balas dendam skrg ni.. hm takpe.. ara..ara.. ape la nak jadi.. hm peace out people!! muahx

Friday, November 7, 2008


hahahah... it's been ages since i last up dated my blog.. hehehe.. who cares.. it's not like, there's a lot of people who reads my blog pon.. ouhhh.. ouhhh.. dat day i went to pd wif my peepz and it was one awesome get away.. waaa.. sgt2 besh... then when anbeen and I blk kl mmg la we tros pegi tgk THE HOUSE OF BUNNY which is so freakin funny.. and plus naufal pon ade.. afte movie finished, the three of us when to nz lepak2 n makan2.. sedap wo chicken wing but the char kuay teow hancuss.. adoishh.. it is so hard to find a nice char kuay teow nowadays.. places that is famous for their char kuay teow also very disapointing for me.. i dunno whether it is just me or it is the same for other people.. hm tamaw mkn char kuay teow dah.. i'll stick to thai chicken wantan mee je.. yummy..