Friday, November 7, 2008


hahahah... it's been ages since i last up dated my blog.. hehehe.. who cares.. it's not like, there's a lot of people who reads my blog pon.. ouhhh.. ouhhh.. dat day i went to pd wif my peepz and it was one awesome get away.. waaa.. sgt2 besh... then when anbeen and I blk kl mmg la we tros pegi tgk THE HOUSE OF BUNNY which is so freakin funny.. and plus naufal pon ade.. afte movie finished, the three of us when to nz lepak2 n makan2.. sedap wo chicken wing but the char kuay teow hancuss.. adoishh.. it is so hard to find a nice char kuay teow nowadays.. places that is famous for their char kuay teow also very disapointing for me.. i dunno whether it is just me or it is the same for other people.. hm tamaw mkn char kuay teow dah.. i'll stick to thai chicken wantan mee je.. yummy..

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Anonymous said...

i read ur blog. bile je u nk update, i akan tggu nk bace. terharu x. :P