Sunday, August 31, 2008 and love

quoted by Dr. love Tun Dr. Triple A:

1. ili bercinta hardcore tp skejap je.. pastu hmphh??
2. add byk suke, cinta pon dah tannak dtg.. salah sape ye??
3. ann garang sangat sampai cinta pon takot.. tp love life dier ok je!
4. biha je penuh dgn cinta, cinta si dier yg tak serius, suke main2.. mane tak on and off je memanjang!
5. D tunggu cinta tapi cinta takot dekati dier.. hish satu kes pulak dah.. haha
6. anis ghairah bercinta tapi cinta banyak sengketa.. sabar je la ye?!

says Dr.Love who doesn't believe in love

hm sekarang patot tak buat operasi lalang?? ape kene mengene?? hahaha

im matured?! so true!!! hahaha.. hm sometimes!!

urghhh.. i missed Avril's concert to attend 'Public Relations' class.. hm thank god i can accept the fact that i have to make choices in life.. yatie's dad, uncle mokhtar once said about "kos melepas" when i was in form 4.. it took me years to understand it.. and things he said were true.. i'm glad, i'm turning into a more mature person..

westlife clan!!!

I just knew that Jay and Ann are also westlife's fan.. that day we go crazy singing to westlife songs in the car and dance to it.. it reminds me of my chilhood days.. urgghh.. i love to sing in the car!! hehehe.. even my mum love westlife's songs.. especially flying without wings!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

bloody fever!!

i didnt have enough rest and now i have a fever.. from thai then home then i went back to mlaka. then back home again just to go back to gunung ledang which is in the south for 4days 3nights.. camping hiking.. beautiful waterfall and all that.. durhhh that explains why my body cant take it anymore.. i think i over do it.. uishhh.. i hate fever! i hate medicine! except for BENA which helps me to sleep when i have insomnia.. ahaks!!

where art thou??

hm i can feel the distance between us all.. we are so near yet so far.. i was hoping, this things wont happen with you guys but situations change and its no one's fault.. even me myself were very busy with my own things and plus i am the president of PBSM (persatuan balik setiap minggu) so i have to do my duty by going home every single week.. hahah.. i mish u guys so much kayh

i missed Anis's birthday

Pfffttt.. I always missed people's birthday!! infact im in thailand at that time.. urghhh i hate thailand.. it makes me missed anis birthday.. grrrr.. im so sorry kayh Anis.. huhuhu

Monday, August 18, 2008

puteri gunung ledang

hm.. going to mount ledang.. guess i cant blogging for another few days.. hm my knee hurts and i just have to bare it lorhh.. tata


Hahaha.. at first the girls basketball team and the football team didn’t have anything to say to each other. The boys talked among them and the girls chit chatting lorh.. Hahaha the funny thing is, we mix around with the football team starting at the border of Thailand by taking pictures with each other, then panjang starts to act like a pondan and say “you all, bla bla bla…” and everyone started to laugh… we all ate a delicious 1ringgit ice cream.. The ice cream are mix with chocolate chip and it is so yummy.. I think the ice cream is also one of the things that make us start talking to each other.. starting from there, we are filled with laughter and all sorts of noises made by both teams.. we started to be friends and get to know each other better.. the trip to Thailand is so awesome because we bond with each other.. the friendship put a smile in every each of us.. im sure gonna miss every moment that we spent laughing our heads off!! Right guys??

Ice cream with chocolate chip (yummy)

Ayam pulut (takde pon pulut.. pentipu je)

Uno (zack suke maen tipu!!)

Word hunt (ara punye)

Sudoku (una punye)

Snap (seha la yg start)


Lagi ape ntah…. Byk sgt!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

love and relationship.. =) ouhhh i forgot about the drama =(

i wake up early today!! yeay i've renewed my passport.. i'm ready to go.. heheh.. walaweyh.. buhbye la new shoes.. now i have no money.. i'm broke.. waiting for money to drop from the sky to buy new basketball shoes.. huhuhu.. hm i spend all day doing my ctu assignment at k.bett's boutique.. i have 1 sub-topic left to finish my part then i'll leave it to them to send it off to ustazah.. good luck to us!! waa.. i'm so stressed up.. i need to spend my money wisely starting from now.. urghhh there is so many things i wanted to buy but i have to postponed it until my financial budget is stable again.. go ara!! go ara!! hm i don't think i will be able to get DL (dean's list) again for this semester 3.. it's hard to concentrate on my studies when i have a lot of other stuffs on my mind.. and basketball again.. my family.. friends and etc..
ouhhh..ouuhhh i find it hard to believe when a girl thought i have something going on wif her boyfriend.. hahaha.. funny.. the last time i checked.. my priority are my studies, my family, my friends and lastly... basketball.. full stop.. dotttt... ouhhh boys??? naah.. ehem.. don't worry.. i would be to scared to have a serious relationship.. there's too many bad example.. ouh forgive me.. but i must say.. "love and relationship" scares the hell out of me.. peace out~