Friday, August 1, 2008

love and relationship.. =) ouhhh i forgot about the drama =(

i wake up early today!! yeay i've renewed my passport.. i'm ready to go.. heheh.. walaweyh.. buhbye la new shoes.. now i have no money.. i'm broke.. waiting for money to drop from the sky to buy new basketball shoes.. huhuhu.. hm i spend all day doing my ctu assignment at k.bett's boutique.. i have 1 sub-topic left to finish my part then i'll leave it to them to send it off to ustazah.. good luck to us!! waa.. i'm so stressed up.. i need to spend my money wisely starting from now.. urghhh there is so many things i wanted to buy but i have to postponed it until my financial budget is stable again.. go ara!! go ara!! hm i don't think i will be able to get DL (dean's list) again for this semester 3.. it's hard to concentrate on my studies when i have a lot of other stuffs on my mind.. and basketball again.. my family.. friends and etc..
ouhhh..ouuhhh i find it hard to believe when a girl thought i have something going on wif her boyfriend.. hahaha.. funny.. the last time i checked.. my priority are my studies, my family, my friends and lastly... basketball.. full stop.. dotttt... ouhhh boys??? naah.. ehem.. don't worry.. i would be to scared to have a serious relationship.. there's too many bad example.. ouh forgive me.. but i must say.. "love and relationship" scares the hell out of me.. peace out~


ChOcki_Donuto said...

katil lawa ek? oh well... hehe

adlynndiyana. said...

semangat nk g SONGKHLA :D
good luck ara baraaaaaaaaa :))
ni ape ni mind set awal2 da kate taley DL
maw kene rogol eyh? :D