Monday, August 18, 2008


Hahaha.. at first the girls basketball team and the football team didn’t have anything to say to each other. The boys talked among them and the girls chit chatting lorh.. Hahaha the funny thing is, we mix around with the football team starting at the border of Thailand by taking pictures with each other, then panjang starts to act like a pondan and say “you all, bla bla bla…” and everyone started to laugh… we all ate a delicious 1ringgit ice cream.. The ice cream are mix with chocolate chip and it is so yummy.. I think the ice cream is also one of the things that make us start talking to each other.. starting from there, we are filled with laughter and all sorts of noises made by both teams.. we started to be friends and get to know each other better.. the trip to Thailand is so awesome because we bond with each other.. the friendship put a smile in every each of us.. im sure gonna miss every moment that we spent laughing our heads off!! Right guys??

Ice cream with chocolate chip (yummy)

Ayam pulut (takde pon pulut.. pentipu je)

Uno (zack suke maen tipu!!)

Word hunt (ara punye)

Sudoku (una punye)

Snap (seha la yg start)


Lagi ape ntah…. Byk sgt!!

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adlynndiyana. said...

post la picturesssssssssssss
more more more
hahaha :P