Thursday, July 31, 2008


ouhhhhh... this songkla thingy is madness.. i went home just now for the sake of renewing my pfffttt passport tmrw morning... and now i think i'm not going to this freaking ppkp on saturday coz i need to finish my assignments before i go for my practice next wednesday and i'm obviously goin to be skipping my wednesday and thursday classes... shit!! i hate to skip classes!! plus i haf to go for both part 3 and part 4 ppkp next semester.. urggghhh.. i have tons of assignments to do before i go to songkla.. and i also haf to trained myself and be fit for this coming tournament.. waaa.. better get my fingers cross from now huh..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are you my Babuji????

Hello!!! I’m anjali!! Welcome to my talk show.. Here with us today are my couzies Rani and also Pooja.. ouhh and not to forget Rani’s babuji and our pet tut..tut.. We are the Chopra family.. Rani and Pooja have their… Babuji.. So now, I am trying to find my own babuji!!! Can you help me find my Babuji?? My Didaji was a play girl once upon a time.. So now, I need to find my real Babuji.. Are You Bored?? eyp wait.. wait.. don’t go yet.. I have a question for you… Are you my Babuji?? If your answer is NO… please tell me your reason and prove it!! Ahhh… get to know the Chopra family coz we’ll brighten up your day!! Namaste!!

Buhbye BEL class!!!!!

From UiTM.. we went to hoop station to buy some stuff, then we went to take my jeans at home and Diana’s stuff at her house.. before we went back to Shah Alam to pick up Jay, we have our lunch near k.bett’s boutique in damansara perdana.. we was daymn hungry!! Hehehe.. kopitiam..kopitiam.. hey..hey do you know that yatie is actually juon?? Look at her face!! Hehehehe.. we sent yatie back and three of us, D, Jay n I are off back to Malacca!! Tata shah alam!!

Uishhh.. practice..practice..practice

I’m off to BB practice

Buhbye friends… I’m proud to have you guys as friends!! Love you guys lotsssssss

she sleeps with the ball and shoes!!

hahahah.. i think i have ruin a person's life.. well hm i teach a friend of mine, how to play basketball and now she is addicted to it.. she sleeps with the ball and her new shoes.. OMG she is crazy!! that day i brought her to my friend's shop and she's like.. "i want this and that" waaaa.. im sorry uncle ibrahim!! i'm really sorry!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


sorry a thousand times!!!! lupe nak charge my phone... plus im at my fren's room.. i'll text you tmrw kayh.. ouhhh.. btw it's like 4.44am and i tak tido lagi.. tmrw psychology talk at 7.30am plak.. daa~

Trouble again!!!!

I knew it!!! I knew it… I’m gonna get it the 2nd time… now it’s anbreen’s fault… she was showing me, something about Avril’s coming to Malaysia in the news paper.. warghhh.. then the lecturer looked at me and said “that thing have to wait, put the news paper away!” pfffttt anbreen!!! It’s your fault!! I told you not to talk to me!! Now she’s gonna think that i’m a naughty gurl.. hahahaaha… what a day!! Hak adoishhh..

“you two sit in front next week!!!”

Syasya tried to make sounds with my fingers but I pulled my hand because it was painful.. we were giggling and laughing to each other and not concentrating to what the lecturer was saying.. suddenly she came to us and told us that we have to sit in front for next week’s class.. haiyaaa… now we’re in trouble.. syasya..syasya.. “don’t talk to me” I wrote that, in a piece of paper and show it to syasya and anbreen but they were laughing at me and I controlled myself from laughing as well and stayed calm.. fuhhhh

i loooove Fatim!!!

hahahahaha.. that statement from Iz makes the whole class quiet for a few second.. whoa.. everybody was shocked!! then people started giggling and laughing.. he blurt out the words spontaneously.. actually Iz said that, because Fatim was really quick when it's her turn topresent her points but the way he said that makes the whole class stop to think, what does he mean by that statement.. we were teasing Iz and Fatim the whole week.. hm wait..wait..wait!! do you believe in KARMA?? just a week before.. Iz was teasing me the whole time because I embarrassed myself in front of the whole class and also the lecturer by wearing my flip flop intothe computer lab where we supposed to take off our shoes.. haiyaaa.. better store that in mind!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BASKETBALL!! Peja..Hana..Yatie

well..well..well.. where art thou?? huhuhu.. i know u guys want to play basketball.. i do too.. i love playing with you guys.. but.. i'm busy with my things.. n u guys are busy with ur things.. so.. what can we do?? dah lame we dont hang out kan?? hak adoish.. i mish the old times.. i even mish the unser.. hehehe.. waaaa... yati help me!!! takpe la.. i'll try to arrange some games kayh.. make sure everybody dtg tau.. and 0ne more thing.. i need u guys to teach my buddies here in lendu.. play basketball.. mereka budak baru blaja.. baru nak ade gurls team.. i'm sooooo excited.. everyday pon senyum sampai ke telinga.. tak caye?? go ask ILI lorh.. hehehehe.. happy..happy

hm tak terlawan larh!!

uishh.. bile bace blog kawan2 ku semua.. trase sangat ketinggalan dari segi bahasa sastera yg digunakan serta dr beberapa aspek laen.. (tengak ayat i pon dah tunggang terbalik) hm bia la.. dhaus dengan ayat bahasa melayu nye yg sangat POWER!! tak tercapai akal i nak tulis menggunakan ayat berbunga-bunga seperti dier.. ann yg sangat byk idea untuk menulis kisah hidup nye yg menarik.. si ili dengan cerita cintan-cintun kasut dan netball nye.. D dgn gambar2 yg menarik kalbu untuk kite bukak blog nye.. si add yg i xdpt bukak blog dier plak tp i tau pics n gossip2 nye yg tak kurang hebat.. hm korg SANGAT berbakat okayh!!! hak adoish.. takpe2.. saye budak baru blaja.. padahal b4 this i hate to dis kind of things.. korg neh mmg pandai MENGAJAR i buat bende2 yg i xpnah buat kan.. hahaha

fun in the sun turns sour!!

this is an experience that i will never forget.. we went to cherating in the holidays.. when we arrived there.. we unpacked our things and i'm so excited to go to the beach.. i took a walk for awhile until nenek called me because we have to buy some stuff because we planned to have a barbecue that night.. when we got back.. it is around 6pm.. i cant wait to go and swim.. so i asked the boys to carry the stuff out of the car then tuti and i headed to the ocean impatiently.. im so shocked when a couple told me that they saw a body which they thought were diving, did not make any movement for a quite sometimes.. when we checked.. the little girl was already unconcious.. she was drowned!! the kakak and i carry the poor girl to the beach and i tried to do the CPR until a beach boy came to us to helped.. her mother was really shocked to see her daughter's condition.. when she doesnt respond at all we took her to the hospital.. unfortunately the doctor failed to save her life.. al-fatihah to adik kamarina who drowned at cherating beach this early may... condolonce to the family and friends.

Monday, July 21, 2008


AWESOMENESS larh... uitm lendu roxx.. we have gurls basketball team dah.. yeay.. im happy.. you're happy.. everybody's happy.. heheheh.. yeke?? padahal baru 1st day practice je.. hahah.. but still, im so freakin excited.. what a basketball maniac kan??
lallalala... feel like singing and dancing...


happy anniversary!! thank you for reminding me.. 3 years 6 month.. wooishhh.. awesomeness larh.. yep..yep..yep.. [^_^]

Saturday, July 19, 2008

kisah ara dan ym yg tak berbalas!!

hm kepada warga ym yg kenal saye.. minta maaf la kalau saye tak layan msg awk.. sbb nye saye salu on ym pastu bia macam tuh je.. lupe nak tuka status.. pastuh keluar rumah la.. kdg2 mlm baru blk.. nak reply pon korg plak dah offline.. hahaha.. especially mr.nizam yg nun jauh di UTP.. hm saye akan mencube untuk mengubah habit buruk saye yg malas nak reply msg tuh yeh.. be in touch yeah ppl.. daa~

register course!!

cerita sedih!! sedih ke?? hm i drive too slow i guess.. i left my house at 3.30pm and arrived my campus at 5pm.. when i got there.. there's no registration form.. waa.. so.. i leave my things in my room and went back to KL.. hahaha.. I asked Aizat n Ann to wait till i'm settled.. then only they can go back to KL with me.. i mean to convoy lerh.. but then both cars pon go seperate ways.. they all have to send D n da gang back to D's house and i have to send Anis back home.. what a coincidence when my buddy back in high school Aimi, knew Anis Kecik my university pal.. what a small world.. both of them are actually primary school friends.. the two of them cant stop talking about their friends that i don't really know .. and i started an annoying conversation with D at the back to make them stop talking because they were like.. "eyh anis u tau tak siti and borhan diorg tu dah... bla..bla...bla" hahahah..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

basketball?? university of songkhla??

hm yati kate.. kitrg ade invitation pegi maen basketball kat university of songkhla.. hm tapi tataw la jadi ke tidak.. we'll wait and see.. hm excited jugak.. tapi takot pon ade.. bia btol dorg neh.. terer sgt ke kitrg nak g maen kat sane?? waaaa.. dah la saye dah tak fit.. huhuhu.. i mish high school basketball.. i mish scud.. mish my team mates.. mish Mr. Kan Kim Loon aka BF saye tuh.. hahaha.. rindu plak tgk perut buncit Mr.kan..

hi jack!!!!

hahahaha.. i am a "playing cards" maniac.. uno, black jack, hi jack, poker,bluff and etc.. hahaha.. kesian boobies kene paksa maen.. ahh tak kesah la.. i'm damned bored bile tak dapat jumpe dorg.. pastuh once dah jumpe kene la have fun sepuas-puas hati.. yep..yep..yep.. and one more thing.. to HANI aka UNO.. welcome to our family!! and keep up the good work on practicing playing uno card, so some day you can actually defeat me in this game [^_^].. which i doubt you will.. hahaha..

don't buy Perdana!! buy kancil!!

i had an accident last saturday!! we were heading to putrajaya and i was driving at that time.. i stopped at Mcd to buy breakfast, then we were already on the high way heading towards our destination.. when suddenly a freakin' kancil make an emergency stop and i was kinda 'angau' thinking about other things at that time.. infact.. i was speeding at that time.. DAIYMN.. i quickly make a left turn and i banged the kancil.. urggghhhh.. my heart beat stopped, for a second.. the mak cik and i, checked each others car.. and because we were in a hurry.. we only exchanged our cellphone numbers.. and we are on the go again.. what i cannot believe is that, the perdana's right-side bumper was dented but the kancil only had a little scratch on it.. perghhhh.. so the moral of the story is don't buy perdana, buy kancil!! hahahaha..