Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are you my Babuji????

Hello!!! I’m anjali!! Welcome to my talk show.. Here with us today are my couzies Rani and also Pooja.. ouhh and not to forget Rani’s babuji and our pet tut..tut.. We are the Chopra family.. Rani and Pooja have their… Babuji.. So now, I am trying to find my own babuji!!! Can you help me find my Babuji?? My Didaji was a play girl once upon a time.. So now, I need to find my real Babuji.. Are You Bored?? eyp wait.. wait.. don’t go yet.. I have a question for you… Are you my Babuji?? If your answer is NO… please tell me your reason and prove it!! Ahhh… get to know the Chopra family coz we’ll brighten up your day!! Namaste!!

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