Friday, July 25, 2008

“you two sit in front next week!!!”

Syasya tried to make sounds with my fingers but I pulled my hand because it was painful.. we were giggling and laughing to each other and not concentrating to what the lecturer was saying.. suddenly she came to us and told us that we have to sit in front for next week’s class.. haiyaaa… now we’re in trouble.. syasya..syasya.. “don’t talk to me” I wrote that, in a piece of paper and show it to syasya and anbreen but they were laughing at me and I controlled myself from laughing as well and stayed calm.. fuhhhh


psychokiddo said...

hahaha,,,, yey! boleyhh geng!! i pon kene marah ngan lect MAF :D *bangge*

Alisya said...

Elehh! Padahal dye yg suruh i pgg knuckle jari dye! Pfft. xD

Ara, ara. Tulis ar post pasal Arouse Showgirl ngan Pn Noraini! ;D ;D Mwahahahaha!

Looking forward to sitting infront in the next class. LOL. =D