Saturday, July 19, 2008

register course!!

cerita sedih!! sedih ke?? hm i drive too slow i guess.. i left my house at 3.30pm and arrived my campus at 5pm.. when i got there.. there's no registration form.. waa.. so.. i leave my things in my room and went back to KL.. hahaha.. I asked Aizat n Ann to wait till i'm settled.. then only they can go back to KL with me.. i mean to convoy lerh.. but then both cars pon go seperate ways.. they all have to send D n da gang back to D's house and i have to send Anis back home.. what a coincidence when my buddy back in high school Aimi, knew Anis Kecik my university pal.. what a small world.. both of them are actually primary school friends.. the two of them cant stop talking about their friends that i don't really know .. and i started an annoying conversation with D at the back to make them stop talking because they were like.. "eyh anis u tau tak siti and borhan diorg tu dah... bla..bla...bla" hahahah..

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