Wednesday, July 23, 2008

fun in the sun turns sour!!

this is an experience that i will never forget.. we went to cherating in the holidays.. when we arrived there.. we unpacked our things and i'm so excited to go to the beach.. i took a walk for awhile until nenek called me because we have to buy some stuff because we planned to have a barbecue that night.. when we got back.. it is around 6pm.. i cant wait to go and swim.. so i asked the boys to carry the stuff out of the car then tuti and i headed to the ocean impatiently.. im so shocked when a couple told me that they saw a body which they thought were diving, did not make any movement for a quite sometimes.. when we checked.. the little girl was already unconcious.. she was drowned!! the kakak and i carry the poor girl to the beach and i tried to do the CPR until a beach boy came to us to helped.. her mother was really shocked to see her daughter's condition.. when she doesnt respond at all we took her to the hospital.. unfortunately the doctor failed to save her life.. al-fatihah to adik kamarina who drowned at cherating beach this early may... condolonce to the family and friends.

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