Thursday, July 31, 2008


ouhhhhh... this songkla thingy is madness.. i went home just now for the sake of renewing my pfffttt passport tmrw morning... and now i think i'm not going to this freaking ppkp on saturday coz i need to finish my assignments before i go for my practice next wednesday and i'm obviously goin to be skipping my wednesday and thursday classes... shit!! i hate to skip classes!! plus i haf to go for both part 3 and part 4 ppkp next semester.. urggghhh.. i have tons of assignments to do before i go to songkla.. and i also haf to trained myself and be fit for this coming tournament.. waaa.. better get my fingers cross from now huh..

1 comment:

sarah said...

u sangat chubby!
mis u mis u.
i mmg sengal oke.
still da same