Wednesday, July 16, 2008

don't buy Perdana!! buy kancil!!

i had an accident last saturday!! we were heading to putrajaya and i was driving at that time.. i stopped at Mcd to buy breakfast, then we were already on the high way heading towards our destination.. when suddenly a freakin' kancil make an emergency stop and i was kinda 'angau' thinking about other things at that time.. infact.. i was speeding at that time.. DAIYMN.. i quickly make a left turn and i banged the kancil.. urggghhhh.. my heart beat stopped, for a second.. the mak cik and i, checked each others car.. and because we were in a hurry.. we only exchanged our cellphone numbers.. and we are on the go again.. what i cannot believe is that, the perdana's right-side bumper was dented but the kancil only had a little scratch on it.. perghhhh.. so the moral of the story is don't buy perdana, buy kancil!! hahahaha..

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