Thursday, November 13, 2008

gazebo and us the crazy people!!

went for dinner wif my crazy freaking peepz at a place called gazebo.. we were like so loud there and other people was like staring at us.. hm mmg la if bwk syasya the attention from boys lagi la.. hak adoish.. her hair was like jepon sesat mane la hang out with us kan.. then after we had finished eating dinner there was this waiter came to us and passed a tissue paper to syasya.. and we were like whoa!! hahah ok syasya.. that dude mmg scary.. n we were laughing our heads off.. halah2.. and then my camera battery low plak.. and i forgot to bring my extra battery.. hm ape la i neh.. forgetful.. mmg la mase tuh tgh lapa plak.. mane tak lupe.. heheh.. hm i love u guys weyh!!!


psychokiddo said...

yeaaaaaaaaayy... chantekkk :) kalerfulll :DD

adlynndiyana. said...

best besttt :)
love love

PubLic_eNemY said...

jeles jeles da nh..

hanyellis said...

yey.sgt best.=)

Alisya said...

Had an awesome night! ;D

Jepun sesat??? Arrrraaaaaa!!

Baling tissue tue karang! xD xD