Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TV addict!!

it's been a freakin' long2 time i didnt post anything new... hehehe.. it's not that i didnt have time.. rather than melayan internet yang sometimes bahlol bile hujan.. i just have better things to do.. like sleeping.. playing with my two little buddies.. "ain n citra".. watching tv.. hell yeah i love to watch TV!! hehehe.. sory couzies.. i hate to watch you guys playing that bloody football game for hours and hours!! you wanna know why?? because i'm bad in it.. NBA its much more fun than winning eleven!! dancing stage fever pon lagi besh.. ouhh.. back to the topic.. hm well.. i can watch tv all day long without eating.. hahaha.. because its fasting month la kan!! without bathing.. hahaha.. without bla bla bla.. banyak la!! call me a freak.. because i am one!!

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