Saturday, December 6, 2008

new shoes.. new spirit!! hehhehe

today i wake up at 7.3oam just to play basketball in um with peja and her friends.. awesomeness la.. i cant remember when is the last time i played and it was so thoughtful of peja to invite me play with them.. i also asked D to join us, she came but she said she's not ready to play yet.. hehe.. she's so funny.. dah la both of our shoes is in blue and white.. sweet kan?? hehe.. D practice maen kayh!! when i got home.. oohhh i cant describe my feelings.. im so happy.. i jump around and i cant stop smiling.. k.bett kate, i gile!! hehehe.. yeah..yeah.. this is what basketball can do to me.. hm i love basketball!! yeahooo... thank you very much james naismith for inventing this game!!!


psychokiddo said...

hahaha.. riang ria :D

Diana Ibrahim said...

tapi tade bola.
pakai imaginary ball lah!

peja said...

aha. no problem babe :)
see you saturdays now on eh. hehe

mohd said...

nike zoom lebron

ayie muhammad said...

tu dia, dah boleh jadik stockton dah ni? haha~

aCe+ said...

i alwat tot hers playing baskets sexy..series..just stopping by..