Thursday, January 29, 2009

Opportunity Cost!! either Ann's Bday or 3on3!!

weyhhh.. what should i do?? huuhuhu.. i need to choose either to attend ann's bday or go for the 3on3 tournament.. halah2.. i hate it when i need to choose between something.. help me god!! 14hb PD.. 15hb 3on3... y do these things has always been a problem to me la weyh.. aiyaaaa.. salu je time clash.. dekat org laen.. tannak pulak kene.. huhuhuh... think.. think.. think hard ara!!!! later~


psychokiddo said...

HAHAHA! tau la blaja ECO! hahaha.. and the winner is... Ann's BDAY lah weyyy!!

Nisa Lokman said...

bukan ke ppkp time tu?

adlynndiyana. said...

giler eco-ish doe :p
ps, i miss you!!!!!